Systems Refrigeration Service Design / Build

HVAC/R Design and Build

Traditionally, the model for design and construction of a new HVAC/R system has been design/bid/build. In this process, contracts, teams, project management and work schedules are split between several vendors.  While Systems Refrigeration Service can work within this model, many customers prefer a design/build approach, which centralizes design, construction and installation. Design/build contracts result in a more cohesive and collaborative process, saving both time and money.

Whether your needs are for a new HVAC system or cold storage system, we have the knowledge and experience to determine exactly what is required. From 1,000 sq. ft. to 1,000,000 sq. ft., we want to be your single source solution for your HVAC/R systems.

Industrial Crane operating and lifting an electric generator against sunlight and blue sky

Benefits To Design/Build

  • Single Source Accountability – With only one company lead for the project, there won’t be any question about who is responsible for what. Systems Refrigeration Service will collaborate with your team, which could include consultants, builders, architects, suppliers, and shareholders, ensuring that cost, schedule and performance are kept to budget and projections.
  • Cost Savings – When Systems Refrigeration Service takes on a design/build role, we can make recommendations up front for ways to reduce the cost of the project. In a traditional design/bid/build situation, we are often not brought in until planning has been completed. By then, it is usually too late – or too costly – to implement any ideas that offer significant cost or energy savings.
  • Time Savings – With centralized project management, project completion can be greatly accelerated, which reduces debt load and minimizes loan servicing costs. You can focus on the overall project, instead of having to manage different vendors and contracts.
  • Higher Quality and Better Solutions – Having your HVAC/R install contractor involved from the beginning of the project ensures that performance needs are met, energy efficiency is maximized, and the highest quality products and innovations are utilized throughout the project.